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What clients are saying

Here are some testimonials from some of my clients:

"As a physician and fitness professional, I think I make for a discerning client. I wouldn’t train with just anyone. Mia is the only personal trainer for me. She is not only knowledgeable, qualified and experienced, she knows and understands me: my level of ability, my goals, my weaknesses, my likes and dislikes. But even more than the physical training, Mia understands that reaching new heights in fitness and in life means taking risks, letting go of perfection and being comfortable in your own skin. In teaching me all these things, I have grown to become a better, stronger, fitter person, and I am grateful to her."


"I get my shirts custom made. Here is the difference between my old shirts (before Coach Mia) and after!"

"I have not only decreased my shirt size but I have better habits around my eating, drinking and getting up in the morning to go to the gym." 


"The great thing about Mia’s training is that it’s not a ‘one size fits all’. She tailors everything to help you exceed your goals. It's hard going, but it’s highly effective. Ultimately, she will push you beyond the limits you felt were holding you back!"
"Coach Mia not only programs my workouts... She keeps me accountable and keeps me focused on my goals. When I lose my motivation she is there to remind me of my WHY and gets me motivated to keep trying. I have not only seen improvements in my health and fitness but in other areas of my life, such as self-discipline around alcohol and increased motivation at work."