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The "magic" pill to ignite your passion is within YOU (and it has been all along)

I have spent most of my life trying to be fit and healthy. I've done most every diet ever created, every fitness trend, sport, and every cleanse. I've tried it all. I've gotten on and off the wagon so many times, the wagon is rusty and worn. Then ONE DAY, I found the secret and my life changed forever. The solution was within me all along, and I FINALLY found the way to ignite it and turn it on.  





  • Are you tired of dieting and "failing" and falling off your wagon?
  • Starting an exercise program only to"give up" and eat cake instead?
  • Are you tired of watching other people get fit and healthy while you sit mindlessly in front of your computer eating ice cream and hoping that tomorrow will be better?
  • Do you remember the days before kids, before a crazy work schedule, before "life" took over that you were energetic, fit and healthy? 

I remember being there.

It wasn't that long ago.

I had two small kids, my mom had just passed away, I was tired, lethargic, unhappy in my marriage and my life, and when I went to the gym all I wanted to do was nap. Food and alcohol were my comfort. 

Then something happened.

Change happens because of inspiration or desperation... And I got desperate. Something ignited in me that changed everything.


I looked at my kids and asked myself, "Is this the type of mother I want them to have?", and I looked at my life and thought, "Do I want to spend the rest of my life tired, lethargic and unhappy?" 

My mom had passed away at a young age so I had no passion for living a long healthy life. My passion ignited when I realized that I wanted to be healthy for my kids and for my day to day life. 

Once I found my WHY, the passion ignited and I was on the road to where I am today. The healthiest, happiest version of myself. 

Before this ignition I was driven by the media and society; get a six pack, a hard ass, eat less, deprive, binge. Once I had a compelling WHY I became UNSTOPPABLE.


From that moment on it didn't feel like a chore. I ate healthy because I wanted to be healthy SO BADLY. For once it my life it didn't feel like DEPRIVATION or DIET. I felt empowered to be more disciplined about my food choices and this discipline brought me GREAT JOY. 

The cake, the chips, and the cookies didn't speak to me like they had before. 

I had passion to reach my goals to be the strongest healthiest person I could be, for myself and my children. And one of the GREATEST THINGS HAPPENED. I found the desire to help others do the same. Prior to this time, I was so self-involved in my own PAIN and SUFFERING that I could not see outside myself. Now that I am free, I can help others do the same, and that bring even GREATER JOY to my life. 

So ask yourself this: 



Passion for your END GOAL, your WHY, will drive you to work towards your goal, no matter how you feel.

Passion comes from EXCITEMENT or DISCONTENT. 

For me PASSION came when I realized how I was wasting my days being unhealthy and unhappy. I got excited about the idea of becoming the strongest version of myself and I found a goal that I REALLY WANTED TO ACHIEVE. It wasn't a six pack, a nice booty or a hot boyfriend. It was the best version of me. 

If I can do it, so can you. 

PASSION is the MAGIC PILL and it is within you.

All you need to do is ignite it. 

You are the driver in the race course of life. You have the wheel and you are steering the course. Find your passion and ignite your goals.


Find your passion and nothing will stop you to reach them. If you go off course, or the road gets bumpy, remember your why and keep driving. There is no failure when you never give up. You will get there. 

"Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind" - Seneca

I would love to hear what DRIVES YOU.

What is your PASSION?

Please comment below or send me a quick message. I would love to hear your WHY... 

Here is mine: