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How I tricked myself into the M word


If you are reading you are probably curious as to what the M word is. The reason I didn't use the real M word is because I know a bunch of people would just roll their eyes and pass this article by and think "Urg. Not for me THANKS."

I know that my past self would have. 

I have always been a busy body. My mind was never quiet. Ever. In the past the only way I could shut down my restless mind was through exercise. Not just a walk in the park. I need to get into "the zone". When I am in "the zone" my mind goes to a place and calms down. I don't think about my day, my work, my life, my stress. I just think about breathing and getting through it. 

The problem with exercise mindfulness (I just made that up) is that you cannot tap into it 24/7. If your stressing out and losing control at work you can't just tell your boss that you are going for a workout.


If you are losing it with your kids, your spouse, your co-workers or you are having a hard time with stress, anxiety and worry you can't just drop everything you are doing and go for a run.  

There are other ways to mindshift your way into a different more positive feeling. One way is the M word. 



Sitting calmly while breathing. Yuck, right? 

That's how I felt about it until I tricked myself into it. 

Here is the story. 

I had read a few books about success and personal development and it turns out that most successful people practice some sort of meditation. I thought I should try it, and when I first started it was a complete flop. My mind was racing, and I just laid there waiting for the time to end. I also made up a few to-do lists in my head. I just need to exercise and all will be calm.

"Sitting quietly isn't my thing" said my mind. 

Then I listened to a podcast and a very successful entrepreneur mentioned that he doesn't meditate but listens to a song when he wakes up in the morning. A song that "pumps him up" (my words, not his) and gets him ready for the day. 

Every morning the song plays and he listens to it. It empowers his day. 

And that's were it all began. The song you ask? It's quite the ditty but it worked for me. You can find the link at the bottom of the post.

The thing is, we can't control what happens during the day. Other peoples agendas get in the way. But we do control how we start and end it. One of my secrets to success is having a good morning routine which includes, you guessed it, MEDITATION. 

Eventually I was able to change my song into more "traditional" meditation and it has transformed my inner and outer life. I do it every morning, for 5 minutes. It all started with listening to that song. That song would focus my mind, and I would feel energy, and it would "pump up" my day and start it off well. Once I got used to taking the time in the morning I decided to go to the next level. I googled "Guided Meditations for X". X stands for whatever feeling I wanted to feel that day. Confidence, success, energy.

I found a meditation for EVERY MINDSET imaginable. 

What is great about meditation is that it can trick your mind into feeling a different feeling. I now use it to change my mind when I am resentful, angry, jealous, sad. I sit down and take 5 minutes to change my mind. Mindshift into better feelings. Put my ego in check and replace it with a more positive consciousness. The great thing is you can do it anywhere, even the bathroom stalls at work.

Although people might wonder...

Your mind is amazing and you control it. Meditation taught me that. I am so glad I tricked myself into the M word. I hope one day you do too.

Here is the link to the song. 


Don't JUDGE. It worked for me. And that live version is quite entertaining. 


Ain't nothing going to break my stride.

With Love and Gratitude,

Coach Mia